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A Flying Digibird Over Pro-AV Industry

Aug 20, 2020

Since 2016, DigiBird’s entry into the Singapore market has proven to be an overwhelming success in the Pro AV market, especially in the Command Centre and Control Room solutions. It has penetrated vital industries in the country including government ministries, banking, commercial, securities, entertainmen, aviation, data-centre hosting, media and maritime, among others.


At the top of DigiBird’s impressive functions, one can view all input sources over any tablet (iOS, Android, Windows) and simply drag and drop onto a video wall with instant response.



The DigiBird video wall controller is crucial for a large Command Centre deployment that requlres 24x7 operation. This is due to the hardware-based design (FPGA) as well as the control card and PSU redundancy.


DigiBird’s first major deployment was for a Commercial Data Centre. One 12U DigiBird video wall controller managed four separate video walls, totalling 32 input sources and 44 outputs. Different administrators can login into controller and manage four video walls concurrently.


At the latest, DigiBird’s new product “UniStation” will scale the Command Centre/Control Room solution to a higher level with the seamless integration of video wall application and fiber-based KVM switching.

UniStation is designed to enhance operators’ efficiency,ergonomics and comfort by providing operator access to view and manage any source within the system of multiple monitors and a single keyboard-and-mouse set. This means that the operator does not need to juggle and control room layout, one will enjoy a clean, tidy and comfortable work station with little heat and noise. The fiber based switching provides the benefits of longer distance transmission, seamless switching,higher security, no interference, no latency, no frame lost and distortion.

You are welcome to experience DigiBird pro-av solutions:

*UniStation: AV & KVM over fiber, with integrated video wall function

*DB-VWC: 4K/60Hz Hardware Based Video Wall Controller

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