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Console in Control Room

Jan 05, 2024


     When talking about the desk/work chair that will be used in the Control Room, it may be seen that the desk/work chair is a part of the room that creates only beauty. But actually the desks/work chairs used in the Control Room are very important. Because it is the part that the user must stay with in the Control Room all day, console tables are not just office furniture. Materials and designs must be strong, durable, meet safety standards and be ergonomically designed.


       As mentioned above, whether it is the designer Or even the users in the Control Room themselves should pay great attention to the console table, whether it be in designing it to match its use. It must also be designed to suit the user's ergonomics. So that users can work efficiently and not have Office syndrome in the future due to sitting and working for long periods of time. It can cause fatigue and even affect your health in the long run. Therefore, choosing to use a console table must have direct manufacturing expertise. This is because the product is delicate and requires expertise in producing or selecting Console tables suitable for use in each Control Room.

       Console tables are carefully designed to suit the specific needs of the product. and uses only the finest materials, created and controlled by skilled craftsmen in an ISO-9001 certified factory and through strict control processes. And has been tested for durability and received certifications such as ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 etc.

       Or is it a fire test to certify that the console table meets fire safety requirements? Tested by British Standards BS476. Therefore, the console table is durable, will not bend or break, and has a long service life.


Console table products come in 4 standard formats as follows:

       1.  MAX3

       It is a console model that has received a very good response because it is a console with a simple design that fits the general basic console room style.



       2. MAX3 HA 

       It is a console model with a more unique design. Can support use in the form of sitting and working. or can work while standing It uses a motorized lift that is controlled via a press panel in front of the console table, which helps the work of the table. There are more variations.

      3.MAX3 Pro

      It is a premium-designed Console model with additional features such as Task Lighting, QI wireless Charger, Desktop Power&Data, USB X-HUB, Ambient Lighting to provide more convenience and features that are suitable for operators. In the Control Room

      4.MAX3 Matrix

      It is a Console model that has been designed to install a Videowall display without having to waste time fixing the screen on the wall. The Console can support screens of various sizes. Users do not have to worry about the heat generated. from the equipment in the equipment cabinet because it was designed to support good ventilation.

In addition to the above formats, there are also custom consoles, for example:

  • MAX3 HA2 is a Console that can be supported both sitting or standing. It has a thin form factor designed for Control Rooms. Customers who use MAX3 HA2 include Nescafe Thailand, ABB Asia Pacific and Singapore Technology, etc.

  • MAX3 CF is a Console designed for war rooms and supports conference meetings.


      The console also consists of many accessories that support more efficient use, such as USB X-HUB, Task light, Desk Modules, Ambient Lighting, Keyboard Shelf, Display Mount, Power Distribution Units.


       Another thing that is indispensable is a chair. The control room chair must be an ergonomic chair. To prevent muscle injury muscle strain caused by sitting for a long time.


       Chairs that are specially designed and manufactured according to standards. Sitting for long periods of time increases stress on the spinal structures. To avoid developing or developing health problems It is important to have an ergonomic chair that supports the lower lumbar area and promotes good posture. Including 2 models of chairs as follows:


        - IMPEX is a chair designed to conform to our body. This model will have 2 styles: one with a high backrest and a headrest. And this model with a center backrest does not have a headrest.

        - ERGOMAX is a chair designed to suit executives. It is decorated with a luxurious chrome temple. It is a chair that is suitable for the body. There is lumbar support in the lower area. There are also small details such as a coat hanger on the back of the chair.

Project about Console in Thailand

  • Bangkok MRT Purple Line

  • Bangkok Monorail Pink & Yellow Line

  • Bangkok Airport Rail Link Extension


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