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K−Touch is a revolutionary, user−friendly cloud−based platform for designing advanced room−control systems. From any iOS or Android touch device, the K−Touch platform lets integrators easily design control and automation for room elements such as lights, screens, sound, HVAC, thermostats, and any new or existing AV system. In the Cloud, integrators can easily share and collaborate with their team during the design phase. They can also provide remote support, updates and maintenance to customers, reducing the need for on−site visits. K−Touch is part of Kramer’s complete Control solutions.

Cloud–Based Platform for Creating iOS & Android Room Control Applications


Cloud Based Drag & Drop Design Platform

Most Android & iOS Touch Devices Supported

Pre–designed Graphical User Interface Modules

Comprehensive Room Automation Functionality

Control Anything Over The Internet

Built–in Support for Leading Room Automation Systems

Highly Scalable

Easy to Learn and Master With Online Training

Cost Effective and Versatile

K–Touch Knowledgebase



BYOD Friendly — K–Touch is supported on most commercially available iOS and Android touch devices and can be easily downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Cloud–Based Platform — The K–Touch design platform is Cloud based (for Admin and Build phases) and runs on any Web browser. No installation is required. The K–Touch Cloud lets control–system designers collaborate easily with their team and install finished designs on a touch device with a single click. Installations can be edited, modified and supported via the Cloud, reducing the need to travel to install sites.


Easier, Drag & Drop Control Program Configuration — New, easy–to–use features to speed up configuration: slider widgets, modules for Vera™ automation, Centralite lighting, and cameras; IP–controlled Apple TV and full–screen immersive mode support (in version 3.1).


Extended Built–in Support for New HW — Adds support for Kramer’s FC–26 with serial and IR control connectivity, Kramer’s FC–22/24/132ETH with serial control connectivity and iPhone 6/6+ panels (in version 3.1).


NEW Modules — K–Touch introduces modules: pre–designed graphical user interfaces that enable complex control of advanced room automation systems with no additional programming required. Modules include support for lighting, automation, security, HVAC, sound systems and Kramer’s award–winning VIA Wireless Collaboration Solutions.


NEW State–of–the–Art Automation — With K–Touch, designing fully–automated room control solutions is a breeze. The development platform now includes support for multi–device feedback, global variables, and conditional phrases.


Highly Scalable — K–Touch systems can be designed for one projector or an entire “smart” office. Virtual button panels can contain hundreds of buttons to cover any possible control need in large–scale deployments.


Cost Effective — K–Touch can be installed on any commercially available touch device, eliminating the need to purchase dedicated hardware. The Cloud–based design platform allows for remote support and updates, reducing the need for on–site visits, and saving time and money.


Control Anything over Ethernet — K–Touch is a complete control and automation system design platform. With K–Touch , users can natively control Ethernet–enabled devices. Devices with RS–232, GPIO, relays, or IR support can be controlled over Ethernet when used with Kramer FC–series format converters or third–party controllers. Kramer RC–series button controllers can be mixed in to any project to provide tactile operation.


Easy to Learn and Master — With Kramer’s new online training course for K–Touch, integrators can quickly and efficiently learn how to use the system in hours, not days, with no travel costs. A comprehensive and constantly–updated knowledge base is also available to provide additional instructions on performing simple and complex control project tasks.


SW Licenses — Fast, local self–delivery of software licenses (in version 3.1).



  • VP-773A
  • VIA Campus
  • VP-426
  • VM-4UHD