รหัสสินค้า : DB-VRC4H-360F

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• Supports 1° increments rotation of displays
• One unit controls up to 4 displays of different size and resolution
• Cascade multiple units to build large scale video walls
• Auto bezel compensation
• Horizontal and vertical mirroring/flip
• Ultra high input resolution up to 3840x 2160 @30Hz or 4088x 4088 @18Hz
• Output resolution up to 1920x 1200 @60Hz
• 1x HDMI1.4 input port, 1x Ioopout and 4x HDMI1.3 output ports (1° increments, Order #: DB-VRC4H-360F)
• Sync I/O port to ensure synchronization (Order #: DB-VRC4H-360F)
• Supports arbitrary cropping
• Flexible EDID management
• Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 compatible. 

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Make your creative ideas to be artistic.

The VRC series Video Wall Controller is the simplest and most cost-effective solution to build an eye-catching and creative video wall. It is an ideal video wall solution for retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, sports bars, hotel lobbies, trade shows and entertainment venues.




3U Chassis 6x Input slots 2x Output slots 1x Default PSU 8x Screens video wall, 32x windows 24x HD input sources


VWC2 is a new generation powerful video wall controller launched by DigiBird. It is designed to support 4K UHD for all input/output channels. Web based control. VWC2 is new released, you are recommended to ask your sales representative for availablity in your region.


6U Chassis 8x Input slots 4x Output slots 2x Hot-swappable PSUs 16x Screens video wall, 64x windows 32x HD input sources


Edge-blending is a method whereby two or more video/data projectors are used together with part of their images overlapping, thereby creating a wider (or taller) display more suitable for showing wide-screen video images. The term edge blending relates to the fact that the overlap needs to be carefully handled to prevent the overlap causing image brightness problems.